Mutual Funds

Even in the highly technical and regulated world of mutual funds, we know that relationships make a big difference in the success of our fund clients. That’s why — in addition to being the 5th largest auditor of registered funds in the U.S. (Audit Analytics) and having some of the strongest tax knowledge of any mutual fund accounting firm in the country — we also maintain strong ties with all members of your fund’s organization. That includes keeping connected to others who help your fund succeed as well, such as service providers, attorneys and key contacts throughout the country.
Our clients range from newly seeded funds to some of the largest and most recognized fund companies in the industry. No matter what the size, we can provide the technical and operational expertise that mutual funds need.

Client Profiles

Our representative client types include a variety of operating structures, fund types and investment compositions: 

  • Provider-sponsored series trusts
  • Multi-fund families
  • Multi-class funds
  • Newly established funds
  • Self-serviced funds
  • Other operating structures and fund types:
    • Master limited partnership (MLP) funds
    • Controlled foreign corporation (CFC) funds
    • Fund-of-funds
    • Money-market funds (Rule 2a-7 funds)
    • Open-end and closed-end funds
    • Multi-manager fund structures (use of multiple sub-advisers)
    • Portfolio compositions, asset classes and complex investments:
  • International, global equities and emerging markets funds
    • Real estate funds
    • Large, mid, small and micro-cap equity funds
    • Long-short funds
    • Fixed income funds:
      •  Muni, corporate, asset-backed, mortgage-backed, high-yield and illiquid bonds
  • Complex investments:
    • Derivatives, including futures, options, commodity-linked securities and swaps
    • Pass-through investments such as partnerships, QPTPs and REITs


  • Comprehensive audit services
  • Tax return preparation or review for federal, state and excise tax requirements
  • Diversification and IRS compliance consulting
  • Tax consultation on fund structuring, including start-ups and mergers/reorganizations
  • Seed audit services for newly established funds
  • Review of annual excise dividend calculations
  • Review of semi-annual and N-Q filings
  • Review of post-effective amendments to registration statements (consent letter)
  • Rule 17f-1 and 17f-2 reviews
  • Rule 17Ad-13 transfer agency examinations
  • Agreed-upon procedures and other attest services